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Dr. Bernd Neu with a Patient

Letters to Dr. Neu

The following are excerpts from letters Dr. Neu has received from patients following their plastic surgery.

From the first consult appointment to surgery date, post ops, and today, just confirms that you have a unique gift, and it clearly shows to me that you truly enjoy your profession! Thank you for giving me my confidence back…

I am so proud to have you as my doctor. Thank you for your understanding and patience with me. I feel confident and safe in your care.

Thank you for the support and making me comfortable. I have not met many doctors like you. You are one in a million.

I am so pleased with the amazing way I look and feel at this point. What a lift!

Thank you for the patience, understanding and attention you have given me. When my nerves were raw after so many sleepless nights of worrying, you were always there to calm me down with your wisdom and gentle manner. Above all, thank you for my face! You are the best and undoubtedly my favourite perfectionist.

…thank you for all your help and for making a difference in my life!

Your abilities as a plastic surgeon have given me the opportunity to trust again and have enabled me to recover from old wounds by starting to love and appreciate myself as a human being. Having “humanized” my nose is going to help me journey through life with more confidence by finally standing tall!

I was blessed to interact with a compassionate doctor who understood my anxieties from previous traumas with cosmetic surgery, and who took the time to console and reassure me before and after this lengthy operation.

They say if you draw a map of all the places you’ve been in your life, you draw your own face. So glad my map led me to you (and a much nicer face). I can't thank you enough for everything you did for me.

…I would like to thank you from deep within my heart for making my dream come true. Continue impacting other lives the way you have done to mine. You're not only an amazing person, but an amazing doctor too.

The surgery and follow-up care was excellent, and each time I had an appointment with you I went away feeling very good about the surgery (which was perfect in every way) and myself.

Special are those who find joy in giving... You have given me back my life.

…thank you for taking me through a potentially frightening, traumatic process and making it one that in the end was rewarding and predictable. You made my life easier thanks to your professionalism, skill and understanding.

I'm celebrating and you're responsible!

…thank you for the beautiful and hard work you put into my surgery …you made a deep unhappiness within myself disappear.

…a caring physician, and clearly not in it just for the money.

I always felt secure that you were extremely capable and would strive for the best results humanly possible. In my heart I knew you would take good care of me, and you did. By now you must know how extremely pleased I am with the results of my several surgeries. Thank you for making me feel beautiful again.

…your responses to my many queries exemplified the disposition of a warm and considerate person, worthy of being called a wonderful and compassionate physician… I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Thank you so much for giving me the best gift of my life.

Thank you very much for your kindness, skill, professionalism and your seemingly limitless efforts to save my career. If I'm working at 70, it's you I'll think of!!!