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Post Major Weight Loss Surgery
(Body Lift/Belt Lipectomy, Arm Lipectomy,
Thigh Lipectomy)

What Is It?

Obesity is a distinct problem in North America. Many people have come to appreciate the associated health hazards and have taken it upon themselves to undergo major weight loss. This can be accomplished by meticulous diet and exercise programs, or through surgical techniques such as laparoscopic banding, stomach stapling and bowel bypass surgery. Some patients have lost up to 100 lbs., and on occasion patients even lose 200 to 300 lbs. These patients are rewarded by a tremendous state of well being, and significantly improved health, particularly as it applies to heart disease, diabetes, hypertension and stroke.

Although the body undergoes a significant reduction in size, there is a limit to the elasticity of the skin. Many patients find themselves burdened with major folds of skin hanging around their torso, arms, thighs, breasts, and even the face and neck. The only way to get rid of this redundant tissue is through excisional cosmetic surgery. Each year, this surgery has become an increasingly larger part of Dr. Neu’s practice. Dr. Neu takes great satisfaction in helping these weight-loss patients, who have already accomplished so much. The surgery allows the patient to finally achieve the goal of a trimmer, more contoured body.

Patient Examples

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Before Surgery Consultation

Dr. Neu will take a detailed history of the patient’s past health, determining how much weight has been lost, and the patient’s future goals. The closer the patient is to their anticipated weight, the more ideal the surgical result will be.

The type of surgery will vary significantly, depending on the amount of tissue laxity. Sometimes standard procedures such as breast reduction, breast uplift, tummy tuck and facelift are sufficient to correct the problems. Commonly, however, more extensive surgery needs to be considered. This includes a circumferential belt lipectomy/body lift, where the loose skin around the entire trunk is removed. This is almost like having a tummy tuck on the front and the back of the body, and also serves as a buttock lift and partial thigh lift.

Sometimes liposuction has to be part of the surgery. The folds of loose skin can extend onto the upper arms and inner thighs, and consequently arm lifts and thigh lifts may also be necessary.

The Surgery

The surgery for major weight loss patients is typically done with a general anesthetic, and may require a one- or two-night hospital stay, depending on the extent of surgery. This would definitely apply to a circumferential belt lipectomy/body lift.

Surgery on the thighs, breasts, arms and face can be done in stages, and therefore can be done as day surgeries.

The lifting procedures in major weight loss patients can be quite extensive.
At all times, Dr. Neu sets the highest standards for safety and surgical technique. Every effort is made to achieve the most natural looking result.

Resumption of Activity

Most patients after a belt lipectomy/body lift can resume sedentary work two to two-and-a-half weeks after surgery. Exercise and sports can begin three to four weeks after surgery.