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Forehead Lift (Brow Lift)

What Is It?

When the face ages, the eyebrows frequently begin to descend, giving the eyes a fatigued, sad or stern look. A forehead lift elevates the brows into a more youthful and natural position, making the eyes appear more relaxed, open and receptive. It can also reduce the creases in the forehead, and soften the frown lines between the eyebrows.

Some patients have a hereditary tendency for brow ptosis or droopiness, and have this surgery done at a younger age. More often, the surgery is done in association with an eyelid lift or facelift.

Some patients are concerned that a forehead lift may cause a "startled" look. This can happen when the surgery is taken to an extreme. When done properly, however, this operation can have a remarkably rejuvenating effect on the face.

Patient Examples

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Before Surgery Consultation

Prior to any surgery, Dr. Neu will take a detailed history of the patient’s general health. He will inquire about patient goals, and which features are of concern. Has the patient had any previous eyelid or forehead surgery?

Dr. Neu will then carefully examine the forehead tissue, the eyebrows and the eyelids, and whether they are in harmony with the rest of the face. He will make recommendations about what would best suit the patient. If fillers or Botox are sufficient, he will review those options. He will also discuss the advisability of doing an eyelid lift.

The Surgery

The brow lift is typically done as a day surgery procedure under general anesthesia. There are various ways of performing the brow lift. Sometimes small incisions are made in the scalp, and with the use of an endoscope, a small video camera underneath the skin, the surgery is performed. For a more generous lift, a more extensive incision across the scalp between the ears is required. Usually the incision lines are hidden within the scalp but if the patient has a high forehead, it may be preferable to make the incision along the front of the hairline as this approach will not cause the hairline to be raised. Indeed, this approach can sometimes lower the hairline.

Resumption of Activity

Most patients feel comfortable returning to social activities and sedentary work within two to three weeks of surgery. At three weeks, vigorous sports activities can be resumed.