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About All Surgery

Dr. Neu provides a full continuum of care—from initial consultation and planning for surgery, through the procedure itself, to short-term and long-term follow-up. The following information applies to all surgery listed in the Procedures section of this website. For further details on a given procedure, visit that section of the site.


All patients contemplating surgery will be seen by Dr. Neu for a consultation. This is an opportunity for patients to discuss their concerns and what they hope to accomplish. For some it may be a minor change and for others it may be quite considerable. The length of the consultation will depend on the complexity of the problem and may take up to 45 minutes. It is suggested that patients bring written questions to the consultation.

Dr. Neu sets high standards for patient comfort and the minimization of risks. He frequently turns down a patient for surgery if he does not feel comfortable that the procedure is in the patient’s best interest, or if the patient is not in optimum health for the surgery. Dr. Neu also may turn down a patient if he believes that the person's expectations cannot be matched by the contemplated surgery.

Dr. Neu will review the surgical and non-surgical treatment options and then discuss goals of each procedure, along with their benefits and risks. If the patient and Dr. Neu together decide that surgery is the best option, careful measurements will be made so as to determine how much and what type of surgery should be carried out. A collaborative, thorough planning process is important in achieving a successful surgical result.

Some of Dr. Neu’s patients have kindly given consent to have their photos shown to other patients interested in a similar procedure (some are included on this website). While each patient is different, and therefore surgery and the results of surgery will vary, an objective idea of the proposed result can be provided by viewing these photographs, if patients wish.

Patients may require preoperatively an anesthesia or an internal medicine consult before going ahead with surgery. Most will require preoperative photography. These arrangements will be made by the office.

The cost of surgery will be discussed during the initial consultation, and will vary depending on the type of surgery required to achieve the desired result. The costs will be broken down into surgical, anesthetic and hospital fees.

Patients proceeding with surgery will be seen preoperatively a second time, approximately one month before the procedure. The surgical plan will be reviewed again, and any remaining questions or thoughts that the patient might still have will be discussed.

Risks of Surgery

All surgery has an element of risk, and the possibility of complications. These include the potential for bleeding, infection and unusual scarring. Rare complications include a serious reaction to an anesthetic or a blood clot to the lungs. Dr. Neu reviews potential minor and major risks with each patient.

It is impossible to guarantee the result of any surgery. Complications may delay the final result, and on occasion may limit the desired result. There is a chance, typically less than 5%, that additional surgery may be required. This may cause the patient some inconvenience and additional costs. It is important for the patient to understand the potential benefits, complications, and risk of any surgery being considered.

Preparing for Surgery

Appropriate blood tests, cardiograms and preoperative evaluations will be ordered if required.

Patients will receive detailed preoperative instructions. This will include a list of medications to avoid taking prior to surgery in order to minimize bruising and bleeding. These instructions also emphasize the importance of not smoking or using nicotine before and after surgery to promote proper wound healing. Specific instructions will be given for each procedure that will help the patient prepare for surgery and minimize problems in the postoperative period.

All patients having a general anesthetic in day surgery must be driven home by an adult (relative or friend). A responsible adult must stay with the patient for the first night to provide any required assistance.

The Surgery

Dr. Neu does all his major surgery at North York General Hospital, Leslie Street and Sheppard Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, or at the Don Mills Surgical Unit, One Medical Place, in Dr. Neu’s office building. The Don Mills Surgical Unit is one of only two fully accredited private hospitals in Ontario, (the other is the Shouldice Hospital in Toronto).

While guest surgeons may be present to observe and learn about cosmetic surgery procedures, Dr. Neu conducts all surgery himself. Guest surgeons do not participate in any way.

Details about specific surgical procedures offered by Dr. Neu are included in the following sections on this website.

After Surgery

Dr. Neu provides a detailed description of what to expect after surgery, and careful instructions are given on wound care and pain management. Everything possible is done to minimize postoperative problems. Patient instruction sheets are available for each procedure on this website.

Most patients are pleasantly surprised how little discomfort there is following surgery, particularly after one or two days. Patients will be given instructions on how to take their medications in order to minimize pain and maximize their comfort.


Patients will be seen for regular follow-ups by Dr. Neu, and these follow-ups will vary, depending on the procedure. The follow-ups serve to reassure both Dr. Neu and his patients that the healing process is progressing normally. If at any time a patient should develop a concern, Dr. Neu/his staff will attend to it promptly—either through phone advice or an additional office visit. One of Dr. Neu’s plastic surgery colleagues will provide care if Dr. Neu is absent.

A continuum of care is provided by Dr. Neu for his patients at all times—from consult to postoperative care and follow-up.

More Information

Information on procedures offered by Dr. Neu are detailed in this website. For additional information, visit: